Information for Funeral Directors

As specified in the Articles of Incorporation of the Goosport Graveyard Endowment and as further defined by the Board of Directors, persons to be buried in Goos Cemetery shall be direct descendents of Mrs. Katrina Moeling (Mrs. Daniel J. Goos), who died in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana on March 11, 1884, or persons who, under Louisiana laws for intestate successions, would be heirs of a descendant of Mrs. Goos. Only the Board of Directors of the Goosport Graveyard Endowment can make exceptions to this policy.

The map of Goos Cemetery should provide you with specific information about burial sites. As you have done so well in the past, please contact a member of the Board of Directors if you have any questions or problems.

We call your attention to La. R. S. 8:662, Records of remains to be kept, which states: “The authority in charge of any premises on which interments or cremations are made shall keep a record of all remains interred or cremated on the premises under its charge, in each case stating the name of each deceased person, date of cremation or interment, and name of the funeral director.”

Therefore, as a condition of burial in Goos Cemetery, we require that the Funeral Director send a copy of the Death Certificate to the Corporation. Please send copies to

Charles B. Woodard, M.D.
Post Office Box 3221
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70602-3221

We appreciate our cordial relationships with the area Funeral Directors.